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The Album


Youth Culture Power

For listeners, Youth Culture Power by  Jay ARE consists of J Rawls produced, jazz-infused hip-hop tracks over  which the emcees rhyme poetic on the state of educating inner city youth  today. Rawls and Robinson list the many challenges; like  culturally-biased standardized tests, the whitewashing of history in  textbooks and the cutting of resources, but counter with a wealth of  solutions; like relating to students, implementing new techniques in the  classroom and simply being attentive to the happenings of their lives.  The wordplay within every verse is weighted with the tenets of Youth Culture Pedagogy (YCP), and  sound bites from educators and scholars with foundational schools of  thought, like Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Dr. Jocelyn Wilson, Martha  Diaz and Dr. Christopher Emdin, are laced throughout this musical  journey. The project stays true to their musical craft as well as their  educational message, welcoming longtime fans of their music in addition  to educators and administrators.